The Family Ingenthron

This site is dedicated to sharing information about the family Ingenthron. While it's been established by the decendents of the Ingenthrons of Kansas, much information on Ingenthron ancestors has been cataloged by Jim Ingenthron of South Dakota (originally of Kansas). Through Jim's research, there is information on ancestors tracing back to Dirmstein Germany in the 1600s and 1700s.


Have you ever wondered where the Ingenthron name can be traced back to? Have you ever wondered where it originated? Well, it comes from the Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany. The name Ingenthron, or variations on the spelling have been traced back to this area.

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In the New World

Starting in the mid 17th century, Ingenthrons started to arrive not from Germany, but from Russia. They arrived in the U.S. in places like Kansas. They also set down roots in places like Argentina!

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Modern Day

In the modern day, the name Ingenthron is still not common, but you will find Ingenthrons occasionally working as authors, actors and even in government.

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